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        We are professionals in producing of injection moulds, blow moulds and dies,  as well as specific technical equipment like replacement parts and special single elements or whole units from steel or other technical materials.                                 Our   great  experience,  excellent professionals and  the available  machine park  allow manufacturing different types of instruments according to your needs. 



      We are good in producing of specific single elements or whole units by drawings or by reproduction of existing models. Be sure  that  will be  respected manufactore precision   and   physical characteristics of those elements.

     You can count on our capabilities and skills to find constructive solution of your problem. We can give you the idea to resolve it. Just do not hesitate to ask us! 


ITOM Ltd was established in 1999 in the city of Plovdiv,Bulgaria. The activities of   the  company  are:

     ◊  Metalworking and manufacturing  instrumental equipment  

     ◊  Producing of plastic parts 




          In the manufacturing  process we observe  all  technological  requirements  and standards, so we achieve the desired result – high quality instruments!  

       Here you will satisfy your expectation for perform serial production of parts. The idea is to minimize the cost and time for production. 



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        The other activity of the company is producing plastic products by injection moulding tochnology. In this department  we have available injection mould machines with different size and capacity.We produce parts  for Food and beverage , Cosmetic, electronic and other technical industries.

Ensure regular supplies to any point within the country and Europe.