ITOM Metalworking Moulds and Plastic products

Injection Moulds & Blow Moulds
& Technical equipment

        ITOM Ltd is  specialises in the machining of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal and non-metal  technical  materials. We  strictly  comply with all technical requirements of the manufactured products. During and after  the production process are monitoring and  controlling the main properties of the produced parts   - the precision of the geometry and physical characteristics.

 ITOM machining processes include following operations:  


         (1)  Design and drawings preparation


         (2)  CNC Milling


           (3)  CNC Lathe Turning 


           (4)  Conventional Lathe Turning


         (5)  Conventional Milling


           (6)  Drilling


           (7)  Surface Grinding


   (8)  Cylindrical Grinding


           (9)  Profile Grinding


   (10)  Welding


           (11)  Wire cutting EDM 


   (12)  Sinker EDM 


           (13)  Engraving 







  To improve the mechanicals and physical characteristic we applying following treatments: Hardening, Carbonitriding, Carburizing,  Ion nitriding,  HFC hardening ;  

and to improve and protect the surfaces of the parts we applying  coatings such a Oxidation, Zinc Coating, Nickel  and  Chrome plating.


      We assure quality on all projects and keeping focus on each individual job with dedication to precision and perseverance in production!