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  In our other department we producing plastic parts by injection mould  technology. With available machines  up  to  200  tones and  the wide range of materials (PP, PS, PEHD, PELD and engineering like PC, ABS, PA6, PA6GF,  PBT, POM, .....  ) we work with,  we  can  deliver many different parts  for various industries such a Food and beverage, Spirits, Cosmetic, Electronic, Automotive  and  other   technical industries ...

We have equipped with parallel devices, such a dryers, chillers, loaders, elevators, separators  next to our machines and also temperature controllers, needed to manipulate temperatures of the Hot running moulds. 

Our expert staff with many years of experience carefully monitor the quality of all produced items and their characteristics, such a control the shape, size and physical properties of the part; visual quality control of the surfaces and check for the color matching.